Máté Hamar

orchestra member, fourth French horn

Member of the Hungarian State Opera since: 2012

Education and training:
Pécs High School of the Arts, teacher: Lajos Szilágyi (2000-2001)
Pikéthy Tibor High School of Music, Vác, teacher: Péter Soós (2001-2002)
Béla Bartók High School of Music, Budapest, teacher: Tibor Beleznay (2002-2005)
Ferenc Liszt Academy of Music, Budapest, teacher: Ferenc Tarjáni (2005-2010)

National Horn Competition, Pécs: first prize (2002)
National Horn Competition, Budapest: second prize (2004)
National Brass Quintet Competition, Fehérgyarmat: first prize (2005)
International Chamber Music Competition, Chieri, Italy: first prize (brass quintet category) (2007)
Yamaha Competition, Budapest: third prize (2009)

Professional work:
Dohnányi Orchestra Budafok (2008-2011)
MÁV Symphony Orchestra (2009-2012)
Hungarian State Opera (2012-)