Hans van Manen / Astor Piazzolla


ballet 16

In Brief

Ballet in one act

Performance length: , without intermissions

This production is part of the Frenetic Dance triple bill which is available at the following link

Five Tangos is one of Hans van Manen’s best known and, deservedly, most popular works: superb music and dance combine to evoke a pulsing metropolis and a world of fiery and passionate instincts. Sometimes sultrily lethargic and other times set to accelerating tempos featuring virtuoso elements, this thrilling work plays with solo and group scenes to reveal the changing games of the individual and the community, the many faces and layers of love and attraction and a portrait of an era.


"The master himself came to visit Budapest for the premiere, even attending the final few stage rehearsals. He had profuse praise for what he had seen. And coming from him, this is no mere matter of courtesy, but a statement of fact. And it is a fact, because the dancers were taught by the very best company répétiteurs imaginable."

Kenessei András, Tánckritika.hu