Music Hater 1.0


In Brief

Utter nonsense, anachronism, snobbery, unmitigated boredom, a complete waste of time. Who the hell goes to a classical music concert these days? To a concert hall? We've even replaced the horse-drawn railway with a railjet, and we don't fetch water from a well anymore! People in frock coats waltz into antique wings as if it were still 1827; they play three-hundred-year-old minuettes and nonsensical cacophony, while the ladies rattle the candy papers and cough like a whole sanatorium, and I have to pay for it? And the conductor! Everybody pretends to be doing something important when all they're doing is waving a piece of wood in the air, almost falling off the podium from the effort. It's ridiculous. What's good about it? Really?

The Danubia Orchestra and their artistic director, conductor Máté Hámori, are passionate about building new pathways to music and giving audiences the experience of wonder. For those who might be put off by "classical music", the Music Hater 1.0 will be guided by comedian Péter Janklovics in a symphonic stand-up concert, where they can try to shed their dislike of the genre.

The concert is not recommended for children under 12!

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