mixed youth programme 6

16 March 2024, 11 a.m.

Eiffel Art Studios – Miklós Bánffy Stage

In Brief

Interactive production for children based on the operetta János vitéz by Pongrác Kacsóh

Who is valiant in small things is valiant also in large ones!

Performance length: , without intermissions

Pongrác Kacsóh gave Petőfi’s literary hero music that is very dear to us Hungarians. This programme hopes to start a tradition: we will offer regular matinee productions that can provide an excellent source of musical entertainment for the families coming to visit the Transport Museum, being built next door to Eiffel Art Studios. The Opera Children’s Chorus’s soloists, young chorus members, and of course our guests will spend an hour travelling down the road taken by Petőfi’s and Kacsóh’s characters with the leadership of András Kőrösi, storyteller.

Please note that this programme is in Hungarian and we do not provide translations.


Eiffel Art Studios – Miklós Bánffy Stage
March 16, 2024
Start time
11 a.m.
End time


"In the roles of the Herd, the Bandits, the Hussars, the Giants and the Fairies, a  sea of beautiful children wave before us in flawless rhythm. (…) And even if we were to worry whether teenage throats are in fact suitable for singing Kacsóh's tunes, watching Johnny and Iluska we are treated to a couple of pure and powerful theatrical moments."

Katalin Gabnai, Spirituszonline