Radina Dace / Pjotr Iljics Csajkovszkij


classic youth programme 4

In Brief

Children’s production for little ones

Performance length: , with 1 intermission.
The story of the white swan and the black swan is classical ballet itself. And if presenting this ballet of all ballets set to Tchaikovsky wonderful music along with the Opera’s ballet company are young developing dancers, then we can count on piquing the interest of the youngest – kindergarteners and smaller schoolchildren – generation. In a little over an hour, the narrative features the students as it summarises the loveliest moments of the story until the time comes for the actual professional dancers to join in so that we can come face to face with the Prince and the five ethereal Swan Girls who accompany him.

Please note, that this programme is in Hungarian and we do not provide any translations.


"The production not only nurtures a future generation of theater-lovers, but also has the potential to encourage hesitant children to take the leap into dance lessons themselves. Most of the dancers were as old as their audience, and it’s easy to find one’s passion for the art form stoked after watching them perform."

Ilona Landgraf, Landgraf on Dance