Jiří Kylián / Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart


classic ballet 16

In Brief

Ballet in one act

Performance length: , without intermissions

This production is part of the Classical Bravura triple bill which is available at the following link

Jiří Kylián has always admired Mozart; over the course of his career, he has created a number of choreographed to the composer's music, including one from 1991 that paid homage to the genius of the 200th anniversary of his death.

Featured in this uniquely atmospheric ballet are six women, six men and six swords. In addition to the weapons, other props include black, baroque-style clothing and bizarre crinolines. The symbolic image in the dance piece presents a world where aggression, sexuality, silence, music, vulnerability, interdependence and eternal human beauty exist together in their own sense of poetry. This ballet from the choreographer's mature period is characterised by daring visuals, superb dance performances, elegance and style and has featured in the Hungarian National Ballet's repertoire since May 2013.


"During the piece, the dancers are lit from above, as if another perspective was being shown by the choreography. The space of light cut out from the darkness houses the dancing figures, shining a special aura around the dancers."

Borbála Várkonyi, Kultúra és Kritika