Samaia – Georgian Legend


In Brief

Performance length: , with 1 intermission.

Georgian Legend has emerged and gained popularity due to its innovate technical capabilities, high quality stage design and the impressive performances of its talented actors. The extraordinary imagination of the creators captivated the attention  of the global audience and transformed the real life venue into an artistic masterpiece.
Each scene with its intricate plotline is brilliantly executed through new choreographic movements and contemporary interpretations which beautifully complement the stylized musical compositions. The visually stunning set and sound effects engage the audience, involving them in a surreal experience within the magical team.

Georgian Legend impressively embodies the enigmatic persona and portrays the universal values through her exceptional acting skills. She becomes the quide, leading spectators into a fantastic world of profound symbolism, leaving an indelible impression  in their hearts.
This small country’s folklore, although modest in size, holds immense historical significance, igniting the flames of passion within the souls of its dedicated audience. This remarkable traditions, expressed through art, proudly carry the heritage of a rich history which we share with you.

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