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In Brief

Performance length: , without intermissions

The first “celebrity couple” of the Reform Era, Sándor Petőfi and Júlia Szendrey, are the focus of the freewill>>>> concert theater, one of the most outsanding works of the Petőfi bicentennial. The show tells a story about their quirky habits, the heightened emitonal world of their two years of together, and the importance of their opinion-forming role. The story moves freely in space and time in a special and unique concert-style adaption, which is incomparable in Hungary.

Playwrite: András Almási-Tóth
Lyricist: Szabolcs Hujber
Composer: Máté Bella, Péter Furák, Gábor Jancsó

Sándor Petőfi (singing): Márk Ember
Sándor Petőfi (prose): Mátyás Tóth
Júlia Szendrey (singing): Barbara Schloblocher
Júlia Szendrey (prose): Viki Staub
Jókai / The Man / Officer / Heydte: Péter Balázs Kiss
Regimental Commander / Lichtenstein / Mészáros: Dénes Száraz
Salkovics / Káplár / Kossuth / Vahot / Bem: Tibor Mertz
Clerk / City Commander / The Woman / Römer: Kata Ruzsik
City boys (rap): AKC Misi & Filo
Soldiers, Students, Sons of revolution: Tellabor Company
Musicians: László Mózner (guitar 1), Péter Kiss (guitar 2), Gábor Jancsó (bass guitar), Csaba Pusztai (drum), Péter Furák (pianist, bandleader)

Set and scenic designer: Balázs Rajcsányi
Costume designer: Márk Kiss
Music producer: Máté Bella
Choreographer: Noémi Kulcsár
Dramaturg: Brigitta Szokolai
Assistant director: Andrea Valkai

Director: András Almási-Tóth

Producer: Gabriella Illés

Co-production partner of the production is the MySpace Production, co-producers are Imre Lutter and Gábor Korompai.

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The production was created with the support of the National Cultural Fund as part of the 200th commemorative year of Petőfi.