Attila Pacsay


contemporary opera 14

In Brief

An Advent mystical inner journey in one part, in Hungarian

Performance length: , without intermissions
A fire is lit in a big copper bowl, with loungers palced around it. Many know about the Three Wise Men who went to Bethlehem to find the Saviour. Not so much about a fourth one who would have been led by the Star there too, but he sadly missed the meeting with the others. Artaban, The Wisest One, is trying to catch up with the events for 33 years, and deliver his present to Jesus. How come he was always a step behind his whole life? And was he really? This unique show surely asks questions, but might also help find some answers, switching off one of the senses of the participants and heightening the others to experience what is left of the world when we are searching for the light but cannot find it.

(Please note that this production is in Hungarian and we cannot provide translations since you will be blindfolded  and seated/laid on loungers shown in our gallery below for the duration of the performance. If you have any problems, raise your hand and our colleagues will be there to assist you right away.)