Dmitrij Taraszovics Kirejko – Olga Chernakova / Adolphe Adam


classic youth programme 6

In Brief

Children’s production for little ones

World premiere

Performance length: , with 1 intermission.

Following the concept of Little Swan Lake and Little Sleeping Beauty, students are once again in the limelight in the third original production of the Hungarian National Ballet Institute. Little Corsaire features children from different age groups alongside school-leavers and a couple of dancers of the Hungarian National Ballet to present an experience that differ in several ways from the first two part of the series. Instead of a narrator, the two acts are introduced by the young dancers, and there are other aspects of the production that help the audience interpret what they see on stage. The first act showcases the highlights of the ballet Le Corsaire, whereas the second part of the performance takes audiences backstage. The ballet students demonstrate the stages of a production in the making, from the first steps to opening night as well as show the audience moments at a ballet class. Briefly, all that takes place in the rehearsal rooms day by day. From the diverse training of the HNBI, character dances combining elements of classical ballet and dances of different nations are in focus before a frenetic finale to conclude the performance.


"The best way to nurture young talent and groom a new generation of dance enthusiasts is a concern for many ballet companies. The Hungarian National Ballet and its affiliated Ballet Institute have pursued an impressive strategy to address this issue. (...) Although I’m not regularly in Budapest, I recognized some students who had participated in earlier productions, and it was interesting to see how they’ve developed over time."

Ilona Landgraf, Landgraf on Dance