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Image films and TV spots

Many years have passed since our first image films that were the first one of their kind in the history of the Opera. Following the opuses entitled Where a World Unfolds and First of All that emphasized the magic of the theatre, we now follow a different line of production based on gag and the viewer's affinity to opera. Using to slogan Opera: Inside of Us All, two spots have been published, both of which play on reality. They star and were directed by Kossuth Prize recipient actor-director Péter Rudolph (now also the director of Vígszínház). His devotion to opera is well-known, he was the first to play Mario in the acclaimed one-act by János Vajda, and he acted as narrator during a guest performance of the Opera in China a couple of years ago. Beside the TV spots, a kind of spin-off is also in preparation that take place in the spaces of the Eiffel Art Studios. It is once again directed by Péter Rudolf to highlight the cultural significance of the 135-year-old former Northern Railway Maintenance and Engineering Works.

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