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The Hungarian State Opera Children’s Chorus is Hungary’s largest and busiest children’s chorus.

The 130-member ensemble has operated in its current form since it was founded in 1970 by Valéria Botka and László Csányi. Since August 2016, it has carried out its work under the artistic direction of chorusmaster Nikolett Hajszer and technical supervision of chief music director Balázs Kocsár. In recent years, chorus members have participated in more than one hundred opera performances over an average season and taken on a growing role in the institution’s major representative gala nights, in addition to being an indispensable part of The Nutcracker, the longest run of each season. They have also performed in children’s operas and recorded albums, and a few years ago they gave their “own” church concert. With increasing frequency, they have received invitations from other artistic ensembles and concert venues. In addition to getting to experience the physics of singing and its mental and spiritual benefits, the children gain exposure to the unique world of the theatre and often perform alongside international stars. These beneficial experiences lead many of them to choose a career in music later on.