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Balázs Csontos is a member of the company at the Comedy Theatre of Budapest, where he serves as the regular lighting designer and lighting supervisor. He has been honoured with the Hungarian Bronze Cross of Merit for having taken part in more than 130 theatrical productions since 1998 and for creating the lighting designs for more than 100 of them. In Hungary, he has worked at the theatres of Székesfehérvár and Eger, and in Budapest at the Margaret Island Open-Air Stage, the Magyar Theatre, the Comedy Theatre and at the Pest Theatre, He has worked with such directors as Miklós Szurdi, Tibor Csizmadia, Zoltán Lendvai, Réka Pelsőczy, Michal Docekal, Enikő Eszenyi, Róbert Alföldi, János Szász, László Marton and Péter Valló. He has also designed the effect lighting systems for a number of public venues (including Székesfehérvár's Vörösmarty Theatre, the Klebelsberg Cultural Centre, the Puppet Theatre at the Esterházy Castle in Fertőd and the public areas of the Katona József Theatre.