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With some short interruptions, she has been teaching at the University of Physical Education’s Department of Gymnastics, Rhythmic Gymnastics, Dance, and Aerobics since 1989. Subjects taught: Rhythmic gymnastics (RG) and general gymnastics. She is the co-author of technical books regarding the above topics (RG, gymnastics). She is advisor for the theses of numerous students at the University of Physical Education. Since 2015, she has been teaching Gymnastics at the OKJ [National Qualification Registry] training held by the University of Physical Education’s Adult Education Group. Ever since obtaining her first degree, Mrs. Thuróczy Fajt has been working in various sports organisations as an RG trainer. During this time, she participated in the foundation of 2 RG departments and worked as head trainer at the Diana Sports Association. In 1991, she was a head trainer for the Hungary junior RG national team. Since 1997, she is regularly invited to the state of Vorarlberg in Austria to provide training and give lectures.
She has participated in the work of numerous sports associations, and is currently a member of the presidency at the Hungarian Rhythmic Gymnastics Association and President of the Hungarian Artistic Gymnastics Leisure Sports Association.
Zsuzsanna Fajtné Thuróczy has been teaching RG at the Hungarian National Ballet Institute since 2015. Her goal is to strengthen and stretch the muscles of dancers to provide help in learning ballet movements and to use a large variety of motions to avoid injuries and deformities. She also helps develop coordination using various apparatus, primarily the jump rope.
In 2019, she was awarded the Endre Kerezsi Award for her teaching work at the University of Physical Education and her work in training RG professionals.
From August 8, 2022, she is a member of the Hungarian Olympic Committee as a delegate of the Hungarian Rhythmic Gymnastics Federation.
Zsuzsanna Fajtné Thuróczy