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Gábor Katona graduated from the Hungarian Dance Academy's Department of Folk Dance in 1991 and then worked as a dancer and choreographer's assistant with the Budapest Dance Ensemble led by Zoltán Zsuráfszky. Between 2002 and 2006 he was a member of the Central European Dance Theatre, and since 2006 has danced as a freelance performer in pieces by Yvette Bozsik, Éva Duda, Péter Gemza, Gerzson Péter Kovács, Tamás Topolánszky and Zoltán Zsuráfszky. Between 2003 and 2010 he served as a guest instructor in the movement department of the University of Theatre and Film Arts. Since graduating from the choreography department of the Hungarian Dance Academy in 2006, he has helped develop works for productions by Enikő Eszenyi, Péter Gothár, Csaba Kiss, Gábor Rusznyák, Máté Szabó, Rémusz Szikszai and Attila Vidnyánszky, among others. He has won several professional awards and recognitions, including the Viktor Fülöp Scholarship for creative artists (1999), an award of excellence at the István Molnár Choreography Competition (2002), the award of choreographic excellence (2002) and grand prize (2004) at the Zalai Chamber Dance Festival. In 2005 his work was recognised with a Harangozó Award. He has created dance theatre choreographies for, among others, the Bartók Dance Theatre in Dunaújváros, The Central European Dance Theatre, The Duna Art Ensemble, the Hungarian State Folk Ensemble and the Udvarhely Dance Studio (in Odorheiu Secuiesc, Romania). He has premiered his independent directing work at the Gergely Csiky State Hungarian Theatre in Timișoara (Prometheus, 2009; Side Effects, 2011) and at the Csokonai National Theatre in Debrecen (Our Foals, 2014; Camille, 2016).
Gábor Katona