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János Mohácsi worked as a stage director at the Gergely Csiky Theatre in Kaposvár between 1983 and 2010, and from 2004 to 2010 served as a professor of acting technique, class head, and head of practical training at the Faculty of Arts of Kaposvár University. He created his first production at the Kaposvár theatre in 1984, presenting the work “How Did You Get to be a Partisan?”, or Bánk bán, which was followed in the next decades by works based on texts by Shakespeare, Schiller, Dürrenmatt, Arthur Miller, Goldoni, Paul Foster, Feydeau, Molière, Caragiale, as well as developing his own scripts together with his co-creators. His productions have regularly appeared at the National Theatre Festival since 1993, renamed the Pécs National Theatre Festival in 2001, where he has received directing awards on numerous occasions, and his productions have also been recognised with awards for dramaturgy, visual design, music, and the portrayals of their actors, both individually and as a company. As of 2016, he had won the Theatre Critics' Award a total of nine times for his productions, including winning the prize for best production several times. He received the Mari Jászai Award in 1996 and was named an Artist of Merit in 2008. Many of the most significant productions of his career are jointly credited to his brother István Mohácsi, who serves as dramaturg for his productions, and to composer Márton Kovács (e.g., Just a Nail, 2003; 56 06 / Mad Souls, Defeated Troops, 2006; We Only Live Once, or The Sea Now Seems Nothing, 2011; Le Malade imaginaire, 2014; The Earth Receives Me, or A Place for You, 2014). He has worked in Nyíregyháza, Pécs, Kecskemét, Szombathely, Szatmárnémeti and Marosvásárhely (Târgu Mureș), and in Budapest at the Bárka, National, Katona József, Örkeny and Radnóti theatres, as well as at the Comedy Theatre. His first opera production was his 2015 premiere of Aida at the Erkel Theatre.
János Mohácsi